Region: Golan Heights
City Type: Settlement (Yishuv)/Small City
Population: 8,000
Demographics: Young Families, Families, Retirees
Religious Makeup: Chabad, Chardal, Dati Leumi, Secular
Affordability: $$ (range 1 to 5)


Average Temperatures


Daytime relative humidity ranges from 53% in summer to 3% in winter, when rain is most frequent. 



Katzrin (Qatsrin) is a community in the heart of the Golan Heights, located northeast of the Sea of Galilee about 40 minutes’ drive from Tiberias or Sefad. The population is growing, and a target of 25,000 residents has been set. Olim from Russia and the former Soviet Union are about 30% of the population, with native Israelis and Olim from other countries, including many English speakers, making up the balance.

Katzrin offers many services for Olim, and the Ministry of Absorption has regularly schedule office hours in town. Streets provide access to all neighborhoods, shopping, and the industrial park, but Katzrin’s notable network of pedestrian walkways makes it possible to reach almost anywhere on foot.


Housing is a mix of multi-family apartment buildings and single-family houses, with newer development in the expanding area mostly single-family homes.

Housing prices vary widely, based on location, features, and condition, but recent searches yielded these prices for apartment rentals and purchases:

TypeSize (Sq.  Meters)RentPurchase
2 Bedroom70m2-110m2₪2,600-₪3,800₪700,000-₪990,000
4 Bedroom90m2-140m2₪4,800-₪5,600₪2,100,000-₪2,700,000


No local public transport operates within Katzrin, although some intercity buses enter and have stops there. Taxi service is available, and many shops are within walking distance. Car ownership is high, but not required.


An industrial area, and two local wineries offer some local employment, and many residents commute to larger communities in the region or work remotely. The expanding population is planned to attract more industry and employment to the area.


Several Gan programs operate in Katzrin. Several chocies of primary religious education exist in Katzrin and nearby. Nofey Golan girls’ high school is located in Katzrin, and regional schools in the Golan Heights also serve the religious high school student population.

Services for Olim

Government offices are located in Teveria, and a Ministry of the Interior representative visits the Katzrin bi-weekly to provide services. An Ulpan program operates in the community and others are located throughtou the region. The community’s population of Olim provides a network of support, mainly through local congregations.

Community/Religious Life

Community life is centered on the local Ashkenazi, Sefaradi, and Chabad congregations. A number of Torah classes and community events are available.

Amenities & Attractions

Katzrin is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Golan Heights, with many streams, hiking trails, camping, and other outdoor activities available. It is a popular destination for tourists from other parts of Israel. There is a local library, supermarket, bakeries, and other shops in the community, with some restaurants and take-out food venues. Much of the day-to-day shopping needs of residents can be met in Katzrin, but many travel to nearby communities for access to larger stores and mall shopping.

Some medical practitioners associated with the major healthcare plans operate in Katzrin. Larger clinics with a wide range of services are located in nearby communities.

More Information

Information on this page was gathered from many sources, including Nefesh B’Nefesh and Wikipedia. More information can be found at:

Katzrin Municipal Website – katsrin.com