Ma’ale Adumim

Region: Judea and Samaria District
City Type: Small City
Population: 39,000
Demographics: Young Couples, Young Families, Families, & Retirees
Religious Makeup: Chardal, Conservative, Dati Leumi, Secular
Affordability: $$$


Average Temperatures

January15C/59F 8C/46F

The average annual percentage of humidity is around 50%

Ma'ale Adumim


Ma’ale Adumim is located seven kilometers (4.3 miles) from Jerusalem along Highway 1, which connects the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem metropolitan areas. The city is surrounded by the Judean Desert, but is cooled by regular winds. Winters are warmer than in Jerusalem, and the hot dry days of summer are accompanied by cool nights.  The city is populated largely by secular Israelis and Olim attracted by lower housing costs and proximity to Jerusalem, a major source of employment.


Apartments predominate, with many located in multistory buildings. Expansion has been hampered by a lack of building permits, making new property transactions relatively rare.

Housing prices vary widely, based on location, features, and condition, but recent searches yielded these prices for apartment rentals and purchases:

TypeSize (Sq.  Meters)RentPurchase
2 Bedroom70m2-110m2₪3,400-₪4,100₪1,100,000-₪1,850,000
4 Bedroom90m2-140m2₪5,000-₪6,800₪1,570,000-₪2,280,000


Private car ownership is not a necessity, as the city is served by a good network of public and commercial transport options. Pedestrians are served by an extensive network of footpaths, bridges, and underpasses. Bus routes provide transportation to Tel Aviv and other cities, and there is frequent service to Jerusalem’s city center.


Some local and nearby employment exists, with the HI-Tech park of Har Chotzvim, Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University, along with local commercial businesses and educational institutions. The majority of Ma’ale Adumim’s workers commute to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.


A combination of local education and proximity to Jerusalem provide a rich array of options for students. A variety of secular and religious, public and private, Gan, elementary, and middle schools exit in the city. High schools, also both religious and secular, serve older students. Many high-schoolers also commute to religious schools or Yeshivot in Jerusalem. Schools and programs for children with physical or emotional special needs are also available.

Services for Olim

While the municipal website does not offer English content as of this writing, the city and community have a strong commitment to helping Olim adjust and succeed. City-sponsored absorption services include a coordinator who provides individual attention to new Oleh families, helping with access to city services, schooling, housing, and other needs of settling in. Some government agencies have local offices, and others provide a local presence through periodic visits. Several neighborhoods have Olim welcoming committees, and Ulpan programs are available in the city. All schools provide Ulpan services for students, with combined programs and tutoring available on a varying basis.

Community/Religious Life

Ma’ale Adumim has a large number of Orthodox Ashkenazi and Sefaradi congregations, and a Conservative Chavruta. Neighborhoods with significant English-speaking Dati populations have Shul membership that reflects that demographic. Torah learning opportunities for adults are available, including some Yeshiva or Kollel options.

Amenities & Attractions

The local community center provides a range of recreational activities, including swimming, sports, music, dance, and is presents concerts and shows. The local youth club is a popular evening gathering place. Seniors’ clubs offer social activities in both Hebrew and English. The local library has a large English book collection. The city boasts and orchestra and a performing arts center that presents a variety of entertainment from local artists and well-known performers.

More Information

Information on this page includes many sources, including Nefesh B’Nefesh and Wikipedia. More information can be found at:

Ma’ale Adumim Municipal Website –
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