Tel Aviv

Region: Tel Aviv District
City Type: Major City
Population: 452,000
Demographics: Retirees, Young Families
Religious Makeup: Chabad, Chardal, Conservative, Dati Leumi, Haredi, Reform, Secular
Affordability: $$$$$ (range 1 to 5)


Average Temperatures

January18C/64F 10C/50F

The average annual percentage of humidity is: 67%. 

Tel Aviv-Yafo


Tel Aviv is considered Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, and is the home to much economic activity. It is the financial center of Israel, and also a leader in law, culture, fashion, and the arts. With a varied population and a wide range of lifestyle options, Tel Aviv’s population has recently become younger and includes more religious families than previously.  Tel Aviv is a major metropolitan center with surrounding communities and a variety of neighborhoods within its boundaries. English speakers are mainly concentrated in the northern and central areas, and it is the most popular destination for Olim as of this writing.


 Tel Aviv is a very popular city, in part because of the concentration of employment, education, and huge variety of cultural attractions. Sometimes referred to as ‘the Manhattan of Israel’, it features similar high-density and higher-priced housing options that many other areas. Apartment dwelling is the norm in Tel Aviv, and high-rise construction is common.

Housing prices vary widely, based on location, features, and condition, but recent searches yielded these prices for apartment rentals and purchases:

TypeSize (Sq.  Meters)RentPurchase
2 Bedroom70m2-110m2₪7,500-₪13,500₪3,600,000-₪7,000,000
4 Bedroom90m2-140m2₪10,500-₪16,000₪4,200,000-₪9,800,000


Tel Aviv is a major transportation hub, 15 kilometers (9 mi) from Ben Gurion International Airport. Intercity bus lines abound, with many routes converging in the large central bust station. Intercity rail lines also serve Tel Aviv, including the fast rail line serving Modiin and Jerusalem. Local bus lines and light rail are efficient, and are supplemented by taxis shared taxi services within the city and to popular destinations outside the city. Private cars contribute to notable commuter traffic entering and leaving the city during rush hours. Bicycles and scooters have been gaining in popularity, in part as a response to the heavy traffic during business hours.


As a center for many industries, Tel Aviv offers a lot of employment opportunities. Salaries are as much as 20% higher than in other cities, but living costs are high, making Tel Aviv a magnet for residents and commuters. A very wider range of industries operate in Tel Aviv, with a relatively large number of employers in the high-tech and finance areas, and many job opportunities for English speakers.


A large and well-regarded secular school system operates kindergarten, elementary, and high-schools throughout the city. Religious schools, including those serving Orthodox students, also exist. Many institutions of higher learning are present, including Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University in neighboring Ramat Gan. The Rimon School of Music and a large number of other specialty schools are available within the city and the surrounding area. English speakers are common throughout the area, but there is not a specific school that attracts the majority of English speakers.

Services for Olim

The municipality does not offer specific services for Olim, but the city’s official website offers a lot of English content. Nefesh B’Nefesh has a strong presence in the area, including the NBN TLV Hub. All major government services are available in Tel Aviv, but Olim who do not speak Hebrew would be well-advised to bring someone who can translate.  Many Ulpan programs with high ratings exist to help Olim learn Hebrew.

Community/Religious Life

Central Tel Aviv boasts a number of religious centers popular among English speakers, including Aish Hatorah, Ichud Olam, Rosh Yehudi, and Yakar. A large number of other synagogues of every type are located throughout the city.

Amenities & Attractions

The beach and port are the area’s most popular features, with hotels, dining, and shopping attracting many locals and visitors. Numerous parks are located throughout the city, as are sports and recreation facilities. Art and cultural events are frequent and varied features of the city, which is also known for its nightlife.

More Information

Information on this page includes many sources, including Nefesh B’Nefesh and Wikipedia. More information can be found at:

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