Zichron Yaakov

Region: Haifa District
City Type: Town
Population: 23,000
Demographics: Young Couples, Young Families, Retirees
Religious Makeup: Chabad, Conservative, Dati Leumi, Haredi, Reform, Secular
Affordability: $$$$ (range 1 to 5)


Average Temperatures

January16C/61F 5C/41F

The average annual percentage of humidity is: 59%. 

Zikhron Ya'akov


Zichron Yaakov (also Zikhron Ya’akov) is located 35 kilometers (22 mi) south of Haifa. One of the earliest Jewish settlements in modern Israel, Zichron Yaakov has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean, a well-known local winery, and a varied community that new Olim generally find very welcoming. Good schools, pleasant neighborhoods, shuls, and access to nearby employment are notable features. English-speaking Olim are estimated to form between 10%-20% of the population, and growing.


Construction includes private, and semi-detached houses, and a large number of apartments. Two neighborhoods, Ramat Tzvi and Hazon Ish, have Haredi populations including English-speaking families.

Housing prices vary widely, based on location, features, and condition, but recent searches yielded these prices for apartment rentals and purchases:

TypeSize (Sq.  Meters)RentPurchase
2 Bedroom70m2-110m2₪3,500-₪4,200₪1,150,000-₪1,650,000
4 Bedroom90m2-140m2₪6,200-₪7,600₪4,200,000-₪9,800,000


As of this writing, three local bus lines operate within Zichron Yaakov. Taxi services are available, but private car ownership is popular. The Israel Railways Binyamina train station is 10 minutes away, and has routes that bring commuters to Tel Aviv or Haifa within 40 minutes. Intercity bus routes and highways connect the city destinations throughout Israel.


Zichron Yaakov serves as a bedroom community for Haifa and Tel Aviv’s high tech and university centers. Local employment is centered on agriculture, hospitality and tourism.


The city has several secular schools provide education through grade 8, and a high school. Several religious schools in the city and within commuting distance serve students from elementary through secondary levels. Many preschool programs are available, including some with English language or special needs programs. Zichron Yaakov has a Yeshiva Ketana and Yeshiva  Gedola for boys, and a small local girls’ seminary, but many high-school girls commute to Beit Yaakov schools in Haifa and Hadera.

Services for Olim

The municipality’s website has lots of information in English, and the city provides an English speaking Aliyah coordinator. Several local Hebrew classes exist, but most Ulpan programs require travel to Hadera or other points in the surrounding area. The nearest government offices, including the Ministry of Absorption, are in Hadera. Facebook groups are a growing resource for English-speaking Olim.

Community/Religious Life

Several Orthodox synagogues serve the population, and there are Conservative and Reform congregations. The Bnei Akiva youth movement is very active in the area. The Ohr Yaakov Yeshiva, Chabad, and other local institutions offer a range of activities and services.

Amenities & Attractions

A community center features programs for youth and adults, including music, sports, and other activities. Zichron Yaakov has a public library, several parks, and a museum. Many attractions are located in the neighboring area and cities.

More Information

Information on this page includes many sources, including Nefesh B’Nefesh and Wikipedia. More information can be found at:

Zichron Yaakov Municipal Website https://zy1882.co.il
Zichron Yaakov – Our Town – facebook.com/groups/zy.our.town